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Our mission is to provide clients with document services that meet the highest professional standards for quality, accuracy, timeliness, and customer support in the markets we serve.


Office Solutions Plus provides notarized transcripts and official documents of record for clients in the legal and government markets.
Our services are employed by the Trial Courts, state agencies and departments, law enforcement, and cities and towns.  
Our specific services include certified transcription of interviews and sworn statements, and verbatim transcription or summarization of public hearing and meeting minutes.

Transcription Services:


OS+ provides transcription services to clients in legal and governmental markets.  The hallmark of OS+’s transcription services are accuracy, flexibility, reliability and efficiency.
OS+ provides experienced, nationally certified transcriptionists, certified by the Trial Courts of the State of Massachusetts to be on their State Transcription List.
Our work complies with Office of the Trial Courts Uniform Transcript Format.  We cover the details that create a perfect transcript.  
We make every effort to provide 100% error-free transcripts.  To that end, as correct spelling is very important, transcriptionists take the time to research to obtain that information.
Transcripts are completed and then completely proofread more than one time for audio and spelling errors, in order to provide an error-free transcript to the best of our ability, with inaudibles noted only when necessary, but very rarely.

Court Reporting and Despositions

Office Solutions Plus LLC understands the crucial role Court Reporting & Deposition services play in essentially all types of litigation. In response, OS+ provides our clients with a full menu of court reporting capabilities and deposition options. And we deliver On-Time and On-Budget. Experienced, State-Certified Court Reporters On-site deposition and testimony Trial Courts Attorney-specified location OS+ pre-arranged venue Deposition & testimony for all types of litigation Criminal & civil cases Complex Corporate & Medical Testimony Recording & Delivery Options Audio & video recording Teleconference, videoconference, live video streaming PDF, eTranscript®, Index, Miniscript Scanned exhibits in image formats, PDF and OCR Email final package to Attorney/FTP download available Notarized, bound, & stamped hardcopy with CD via priority mail

Public Hearings:

Public Hearings/ Meeting Minutes and Recordings

OS+ provides meeting documentation services to both corporate and public sector clients.  In the case of government clients, OS+ services are designed to fully meet Massachusetts Open Meeting Law requirements for all public bodies engaging in communications and meetings covered by the statute.
OS+ provides official documents of record in the form of certified and notarized public meeting transcripts, when requested.
In that regard, OS+ provides both verbatim transcripts and summarized transcripts, condensing all key hearing elements into an abbreviated transcript.
Experienced state certified court reporters are available to attend public meetings, record the proceedings, and provide a verbatim transcript or a summarization of the meetings, when requested.
OS+ also accepts e-mailed or downloaded audio of meetings for verbatim transcription or summarization.
Finalized transcripts are provided in PDF version or when requested, an original notarized transcript can be provided.



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