Why Office soloutions Plus?

Our Qualifications

  • OS+ has years of experience working with a broad range of clients in the legal and government markets, and we understand the needs of our customers, court procedures and requirements, HIPAA requirements, Opening Meeting Law, and the need for customized service to attorneys and the Court.
  • Susan Lobie, Owner of OS+, is nationally certified and accredited by AAERT, the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers.
  • OS+ works with a staff of experienced, certified, dedicated professionals to provide confidential, professional, flexible and time-sensitive services that meet their requirements.
  • Our most important asset is our reputation, which we reinforce daily by providing timely and professional services to our clients.
  • OS+ is accredited with the Massachusetts Trial Courts and is on the State’s Official Transcriptionist List.



15 Marion Road Salem, MA  01970

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