Our History

Founded in 1994, OS+ started as a transcription company for the Trial Courts in Massachusetts by winning PRF03, the State Contract, with an opportunity to transcribe all media using the State’s Uniform Transcript Format (UTF).  OS+ has since applied through RFP to be included in the State’s Official Transcriptionist List.

Additionally, OS+ has expanded its service in the legal market to respond to the requirements of attorneys in the areas of depositions and court reporting.  Through this concentration of OS+ resources, the company has works with State certified court reporters that enable us to provide coverage for trials and depositions.

With regards to public hearings and meetings, of particular importance to OS+ is the passage of the Open Meeting Law in July 2010, and the requirements for certified, accurate, and timely documentation of public hearings and meetings held at all levels of government in the Commonwealth.  As the impact of this law has been felt by public bodies across the state, OS+ can provide services to respond to the needs of these organizations.

And of course, throughout our entire existence, our primary asset has been our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with the finished product.  Based on word-of-mouth and client referrals, OS+ had maintained its presence in the marketplace and continues to flourish based on its emphasis on customized service for each of our clients.

About the owner

Susan Lobie received an Executive Secretarial Degree in 1974, and using her education, provide secretarial services, working for H. P. Hood from 1975 to 1984, and Sears Credit from 1994 to 2000, working in their Legal Department.

Due to Susan’s enjoyment of working in the legal field, in 2000, entered into the legal field full-time, working for fifteen years for a plaintiff’s attorney, starting out as a legal secretary, and branching out into a jack of all trades assisting in whatever needed to be done, including paralegal work, working on pleadings, assisting the attorney with preparation for trials, as well as assisting the attorney in court during the trials.

In addition to working full-time as a legal secretary, in 2006, Susan branched out and started working from home part-time as a legal transcriptionist for court reporters, transcribing deposition transcripts and grand jury transcripts.

In 2016, Susan made the decision to leave her full-time position as a legal secretary and moved into full-time transcription work.  In 2018, Susan purchased Office Solutions Plus, to whom she had been providing transcription services to since 2016.

Susan is proficient in obtaining the necessary recordings if needed, preparing transcripts in a highly efficient manner, and keeping the requesting party apprised of her progress.
Susan’s goal is to be professional, accurate, efficient, and responsive to any and all requests, providing accurate and error-free transcription, and understanding and responsive to time constraints.

SUSAN M. LOBIE, Certified Electronic Transcriptionist



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